Standup Girl Drama Cast Real Name & Photos – Actors Details

Pakistani drama Standup Girl is a perfect combination of comedy, emotions, and entertainment. The drama is written by Adeel Afzal and directed by Kashif Nisar. The story shows the life of a young girl Zara and her relationship with her family. The main characters are performed by talented Pakistani actors. Let’s have a look at the Standup Girl Green TV Entertainment drama cast real name, age, and pictures.

Standup Girl Drama Cast Real Name

Zara Noor Abbas as Zara

Zara Noor Abbas played the main character of Zara in drama Standup. She is 32 years old and married to Pakistani actor Asad Siddiqui in 2017. She is the daughter of famous actress Asma Abbas and niece of Bushra Ansari. Her latest drama was “Jhoom” in 2023 with Haroon Kadwani.

Danyal Zafar as Kabir

Danyal Zafar performed the lead role of Kabir opposite Zara Noor Abbas. He is the younger brother of famous singer Ali Zafar. His famous drama was “Tana Bana” with actress Alizeh Shah. He has the best singing and acting skills. His age is 26 years old.

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Tamkenat Mansoor as Hina

Tamkenat Mansoor performed the character of Hina in the drama serial Stand Up Girl. Kala Doriya was her debut drama series.

Standup Girl Drama Cast Name

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Sohail Ahmed as Khan Sahab

Sohail Ahmed is a Pakistani senior actor, he is also part of the main cast and performed the role of the grandfather of Zara Noor Abbas and won the hearts of his fans with his hilarious acting. His previous hit drama was “Jeevan Nagar”. His age is 60 years.

Saqib Sameer as Raju

Saqib Sameer played the character of Raju. His recent hit drama was “Jeevan Nagar” with Sohail Ahmed. He is known for performing the supporting roles in many hit dramas. He was also part of the drama “Khuda Aur Muhabbat Season 3” and “Bakhtawar”.

Standup Girl Drama Cast Name

Saba Faisal as Kabir’s Mother

Saba Faisal is known for playing the role of the mother of the lead cast. In this drama, she played the character of the mother of Danyal Zafar and again proved her best acting talent. She is 65 years old and her hometown is Karachi.

Asma Abbas as Naila

Asma Abbas has performed the role of Zara’s mother Naila in the drama serial Stand Up Girl.

Standup Girl Drama Cast Name

Adnan Shah Tipu as Waseem Bulbula

Adnan Shah Tipu played the character of Waseem in the drama serial Stan Up Girl.

Supporting Cast

Saad Azhar as Saleem Gharari
Adeel Afzal as Khayal Mirza
Farah Tufail as Raheela
Arham Khan
Sheherzade Noor Peerzada
Shaheer Iftikhar
Zaryab Haider
Annie Tahira
Arshad Niazi

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