Stand By Me Chinese Drama Cast Name, Age, & Photos

Stand By Me is a 2023 Chinese drama. The drama will be released from August 17, 2023, to September 1, 2023 in Chinese and English subtitles. The drama story is full of comedy, romance, and emotions. The lead roles are performed by talented Chinese drama actors. Let’s look at the Stand By Me Chinese Drama Cast real name, age, and pictures.

Drama Details

Genres: Comedy, Mystery
Language: Chinese
Duration: 10 mints
Total Episodes: 20

Release Date

The first episode of the drama Chinese drama Stand By was released on 17th August 2023.

Day & Timings

Watch the new Episode of the serial Stand daily from Monday-Sunday.

Where to Watch Stand By Me

You can watch the Chinese drama “Stand By Me” on Tencent Video.

Stand By Me Chinese Drama Cast

Stand By Me Chinese Drama Cast

The drama of Stand By Me includes:
Deng Kao (Feng Guan Yu)
Wang Zu Yi (Huang Wei Jie)
Sphira Ma (Li Tao Tao)

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Stand By Me Chinese Drama Story

The drama story of “Stand By Me” revolves around the life of a young boy named Feng Guan Yu. Huang Wei Jie was his childhood friend and they were separated due to some reasons. They meet again after a long time. Feng Guan is a famous businessman and forced Huang Wei to work with him as his bodyguard. They have many conflicts but they start together.

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