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Song of Bandits Release Date, Kdrama Story & Total Episodes

Song of Bandits is a 2023 historical Kdrama. This Korean series is written by Han Jeong-hoon and directed by Hwang Jun-hyeok. This is one of the most appreciated Korean series with an exciting story and talented cast. The lead roles are performed by Kim Na-gil, Seohyun, and Yoo Jae-myung. Let’s look at the Song of Bandits Kdrama release date, where to watch, and other details.

Song of Bandits Kdrama Release Date

The 2023 Korean series Song of Bandits will be released on 22nd September 2023 on Netflix. The budget of Song of Bandits is 30 Billion won.

Duration and Total Episodes

There are total 9 episodes of the Korean drama Song of Bandits and every episode’s duration is 45 minutes.

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Song of Bandits Story & Plot

The story of the Korean drama Song of Bandits shows the time period of the 1920s. The lead character is Kim Nam Gil. It shows the time when Japan controlled Joseon, a group of travelers embarked on a journey to a lawless area of China. Later on, the travelers convert into a band of resourceful people.

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