Sistrology Biography, Names, Age, Family, Pics

Sistrology is a famous Pakistani YouTube Chanel run by five sisters. Sistrology Youtuber Biography, Sisters’ Name, Ages, Father, Pics, family, profession, home, Instagram, and other details about their personal and professional life. These five sisters of one of the best content creators and have a huge fan following. Their hometown is Lahore, Pakistan. Let’s look at the complete biodata of the Sistrology vlogger.

Sistrology Volggers Biography

Name & Age

Dr. Iqra Kanwal
Hira Faisal
Fatima Faisal
Rabia Faisal
Zainab Faisal

Father & Mother

Their father’s name is Dr. Main Faisal Ejaz. He is a professional doctor and works as a General Physician. Their mother’s name is Azra Faisal and she is a housewife. They live in Lahore.

 Dr. Iqra Kanwal Biodata

Iqra Kanwal is eldest sister. She is a famous model, singer, doctor, and YouTuber. Her age is 27 years old, she was born on 25 January 1995 in Lahore, Pakistan. She is known for her attractive looks.

Sistrology Biography

Hira Faisal Biodata

She is also a talented model and content creator. Her age is 24 years old. She was born on 3rd February 1993 in Lahore. She has a huge fan following on her Instagram and YouTube Channel.

Sistrology Biography

Fatima Faisal Biodata

Fatima Faisal is the most famous among all sisters. She is a talented content creator and TikToker. Her age is 22 years old. She was born on 28 January 2000. Fatima is completing her education at the University of Lahore.

Rabia Faisal Biodata

Rabia Faisal is a young and talented content creator and YouTuber. She was born on 16 February 2003. Her age is 1 year. She is famous on Instagram and YouTube. She is known for her adorable looks and amazing acting.

Sistrology Biography

Zainab Faisal Biodata

Zainab Faisal is the youngest sister in the group Sistrology. She was born on 12 June 2007. Her age is 15 years. She is also talented like her sisters and appeared in many photoshoots for famous fashion brands.

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In which class Zainab Faisal is?
She is a student in Grade 7 in Lahore.

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