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Single’s Inferno Season 3 Shooting Location, Filming Island Details

Single’s Inferno Season 3 started on 12 December 2023 with new and young contestants. The first two seasons were shooted in beautiful locations and impressed the audiences with amazing filming locations. Let’s have a look at the 2023 Single’s Inferno Season 3 shooting location and filming country details.

Single’s Inferno Season 3 Shooting Location

Season 3 consists of charming and attractive singles, who joined the inferno to find out their partners. They play different games and use their real charm to impress their favorite contestant. The Single’s Inferno Season 3 was filmed on the beautiful Island of Saseungbong-do island in Jawol-myeon in the Incheon Metropolitan City in South Korea. This beautiful Island is located near the city of Seoul.

Single's Inferno Season 3 Cast

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The team of the show was temporarily set on the island for the shooting. The Paradise part of the show was shot in five-star hotels in Seoul, South Korea.

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