Single in Seoul Korean Movie Cast Name & Story

Single in Seoul is a 2023 romantic Korean movie. The lead roles are performed by talented Korean actors. The story of Singl in Seoul revolves around two young people with completely different lifestyles. Park Yeong-ho is a famous influencer, his life takes a new turn when he meets editor Joo Hyeon-jin. Get more information about the Korean movie “Single in Seoul” full cast real names, age, and pictures.

Drama Details

Genres: Romance, Life
South Korea
Channel: TBA
Language: South Korean
Duration: 103 mints

Release Date

The Korean movie Single in Seoul will be released on 29 November 2023.

Single in Seoul Korean Movie Cast

Lee Dong Wook as Park Yeong Ho

Korean actor Lee Dong Wook played the role of Park Yeong Ho. He is known for his role in the famous drama “Tale of the Nine-Tailed”. He is 42 years old and started his acting journey in 1999.

Lee Dong Wook BiographySingle in Seoul Korean Movie Cast

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Im Soo Jung as Joo Hyeon Jin

Im Soo Jung performed the character of editor Joo Hyeon Jin. She is 44 years old and known for performing exciting roles in Korean movies and dramas. Her recent movie in 2023 is “Cobweb”.

Single in Seoul Korean Movie Cast

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Supporting Cast Name

Jang Hyun Sung as Jin Pyo
Esom as Agatha Hong
Kim Ji Young as Co-owner of the Company
Lee Mi-do as Yoon Jeong
Le Sang-yi as Byeong-soo
Yoon Jung-eun as Editor
Ji Yi Soo as Ye-ri

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