Shiddat Pakistani Drama Cast Real Name – 2024 Serial

Shiddat is a 2024 Pakistani romantic drama serial with a talented cast. The lead roles are played by famous actor Muneeb Butt and Anmol Baloch, their on-screen impress the audiences. Geo TV dramas are known for most entertaining stories. The exciting story of Shiddat is written by Zanjabeel Asim Shah. Get more details about the Pakistani Geo TV 2024 drama Shiddat full cast real name, age, and pictures.

Shiddat 2024 Pakistani Drama Cast Name

Anmol Baloch as Asra

Anmol Baloch played the role of Asra in Shiddat and won the hearts of her fans with her attractive looks and incredible acting. She started her career as an actress in 2016 and her debut drama was “Kambakhat Tanno”. She is 24 years old and lives in Karachi. Her previous hit serials are Sirf Tum and Munn Aangan.

Shiddat Drama Cast Name

Muneeb Butt as Sultan

Muneed Butt is a versatile actor and can play both positive and negative roles. In Shiddat, he played the role of Sultan opposite Anmol Baloch. He joined the drama industry in 2011 and his debut drama was “Baandi”. Muneeb is married to famous actress Aiman Khan in 2018 in a grand wedding ceremony.

Shiddat Drama Cast Name

Minsa Malik as Parizay

Well-known Pakistani drama actress Minsa Malik played the role of Parizay in Shiddat and stole the show with her outstanding acting. Her age is 26 years. She is single and never shared data about her wedding plans. Her new drama is “Muhabbat Ki Akhari Kahani”.

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Hiba Ali Khan as Alizey

Hiba Ali Khan’s character’s name is Alizey. She is known for her role in the Pakistani drama Mayi Ri, in which she played the role of stepmother of actress Aina Asif. Her real age is 36 years old.

Shiddat Drama Cast Name

Fajar Khan as Hala

Young Pakistani actress Fajar Khan played the role of Hala in the drama Shiddat. She is a rising star in the Pakistani drama industry Her previous hit drama was Qalandar, in which she played the role of the younger sister of Muneeb Butt.

Shiddat Drama Cast Name

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Namra Shahid as Mishal

Namra Shahid played the supporting character of Mishal in this drama. She also makes her vlogging videos and shares her daily life videos and pictures. She is 34 years old and she is married. Her husband’s name is Zakira Khar, he also works in showbiz.

Shiddat Drama Cast Name

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Zain Afzal as Junaid

Zain Afzal is known for performing supporting roles in Pakistani dramas. In Shiddat he played the role of Junaid. He is 34 years old and started her acting career in 2016. He is single and never shares any data about his relationship status.

Shamil Khan as Sarwar

Shamil Khan is a famous actor, known for his best acting skills. He played the supporting role of Sarwar in Shiddat. He is 45 years old and he belongs to Islamabad, Pakistan. His latest hit dramas are “Sang e Mah” and “Nauroz”. Shamil Khan started his career in 2003.

shamil khan actor pics

Ismat Zaidi as Sarwat

Ismat Zaidi has performed the role of Sarwat in the drama serial Shiddat. She is a veteran Pakistani actress.

Supporting Cast

Sami Khan as Shayan
Sohail Masood as Mansoor

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