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She is the One Chinese Drama Cast, Story & Other Details

“She is the One” is a 2021 romantic Chinese Drama. The drama story revolves around the life of a young girl named “Yaun Siya”. The drama story is full of suspense, excitement, and romance. The talented cast of this drama makes it more entertaining. Let’s have a look at She is the One Chinese drama cast real name and story details.

She is the One Chinese Drama Cast

Li Nuo as Yaun Siya
Tim Pei Zitian as Wen Jin chen
Li Jun Feng as Pei Xiu Zhe
Wang Cong as Wen Liang Ye
Leaf Yin as Ye Zhi Yu
Cheng Ye Qing as Long Xiao Rong
Alex Dongas Li Nuo’s Father

Writer: Tian Chuan

Director: Chen Shiyi

No of Episodes: 24

She is the One Chinese Drama Cast

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She is the One Chinese Drama Story

“Yaun Siya” is a young girl, who is waiting for a fairy tale wedding with a prince charming. Yaun left her marriage event because her groom was late for the wedding. She thought he is not interested in her. Yaun Siya and Wen Jinchen meet each other and with the passage of time fall in love with each other. They face many problems after their wedding but continues their relationship.  

Tim Pei was born on 17th June 1990, he is a famous talented Chinese drama actor. Li Nuo is a rising star in the Chinese showbiz industry, she was born on 27th September 1995. She is 26 years old. Leaf Yin is another beautiful actress, she was born on 25th June 1991. She is 30 years old.

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