Shab e Miraj Nawafil in Urdu 2023, Ibadat, Rakat, Roza, Shab e Miraj Rakat

Shab e Miraj Nawafil, Ibadat ka Tarika in Urdu, Rakat, Roza and dua for Shab e Miraj 2023. Shab-e-Miraj is a spiritual event that holds great significance in Islam and is seen as a night of worship, reflection, and renewal of faith. Many Muslims observe this night by engaging in acts of worship, such as fasting, praying, and reading the Quran. Shab e Miraj

Shab e Miraj Ibadat & Nawafil in Urdu 2023

12 Rakat Nawafil (2, 2 Rakat Ker k), Her Rakat mein “Al Hammad” K bad 5 baar Surat IKHLAS.

4 Rakat Nawafil (2, 2 Rakat Ker k), Her Rakat mein “Al Hammad” K bad 7 baar Surat IKHLAS. 4 Rakat pherne k bad 50 Baar “Darood Shareef” pherhien.

Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) ne fermia: Is Raat Amal Krne Valow k lie Aik So Saal Ki Nakiow ka Sawab Ha. Jo koi 12 Rakat Namaz Pherhe, her Rakat Mein Surat Fatah aur Quran Pak ki Koi Dusri Surat Pherhe. Her 2 Rakatow k bad Tashheed pherhe aur Akher mein salam phere. Allah us ki Dua qabool kr ga.

2 Rakat Nawafil pherhien aur her rakat mein Surat Fatah pherne k bad Surat Ikhlas 21 dafa pherhien. Namaz k bad 10 mertaba Darood Shareef pherhien.

8 Rakat Nawafil (4,4 Rakat Ker k), her Rakat mein suart Fatah k baad Surat Ikhlas 10, 10 baar pherhien. Allah Qabar K Azab Se Bachae Ga.

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