Sevmek Zamani Turkish Drama Cast Real Name & Story

Sevmek Zamani is a Romantic Turkish Drama series. Here we have the Turkish drama Sevmek Zamani cast real name with pictures and story details. It is an amazing drama based on a very interesting story.

Sevmek Zamani Turkish Drama Cast Real Name

Here is the list of drama Sevmek Zamani cast real name:

Deniz Isin (Firozay)
Ilhan Sen (Kagan)
Serenay Aktas (Laila)
Cagdas Onur Ozturk (Taner)
Topark Can Adiguzel (Feryat)
Onur Gozeten (Omer)
Nimet Iyigun (Zainab)
Beran Soysal (Mehmet)
Ozan Yigit (Serdar)
Derya Pinar AK (Jigdem)


Yildiz Hulya Bilban and Nalan Merter have written the story of the drama Sevmek Zamani.


Metin Erksan has directed the drama Serial Sevmek Zamani.


Drama series Sevmek Zamani is produced by Surec Film.

sevmek zamani turkish drama cast real name story

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Sevmek Zamani Drama Story

The story of the drama series Sevmek Zamani revolves around Firozay (Deniz Isin) and Kagan. Firozay is a young and hard-working girl who is still studying and also works to support her family. Firozay lives with her father and brothers. While on other hand Kagan has a totally different type of personality.

They meet by chance but fell in love with each other. Their lives change drastically afterward. Sevmek Zamani is a very interesting love story based on many dramatic twists in it.

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