Sarah Khan & Falak Shabir Love Story

Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir suddenly got married and their fans were happy and surprised. Everyone wants to know about Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir love story. Falak and Sarah kept their love story secret. After Sarah and Falak’s wedding, Falak Shabir has told the complete story of how he fell in love with Sarah. Let’s dig in to know the cute love story of Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir.

Sarah Khan & Falak Shabir Love Story

sarah khan and falak shabir love story

When Falak Fell in love with Sarah!

Back in December 2019, Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir met at Hum Bridal Couture Week 2019. Both were attending the show for modeling. This was the time when Falak Shabir decided to marry Sarah Khan.

Falak was drinking tea alone and Sarah Khan and Noor Khan also came there. He invited them to drink tea together. They drank tea together and Falak decided to make Sarah her Wife.

sarah khan and falak shabir love story
sarah khan and falak shabir love story

How Falak Purposed Sarah!

After Hum Bridal Couture Week, Falak and Sarah met again at a show. After the show ended, Falak offered Sarah to drop her home. On the way home, Falak did not express his love for Sarah, instead, he directly purposed to her.

In reply to her proposal, Sarah asked him to meet his father. If her father agrees then she would agree. Then Falak met Sarah’s father. Sarah told her if her father leaves the meeting after 15 minutes then he’ll definitely reject him. But Falak Shabir’s and Sarah’s father’s meeting continued for two hours and her father agreed to Falak’s proposal.

Then the next day their families met and decided on the wedding date and a simple wedding ceremony due to Coronavirus. There were a total of 40 people in the Falak Shabir and Sarah Khan’s wedding ceremony. In around a few months, they met, fell in love, and got married.

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This was all about the adorable and cute love story of Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir. Falak once met Sarah Khan many years ago when Sarah and Agha just started dating. At that time Falak was fully focused on his career. He revealed that he would marry when he would have enough time for his wife.

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