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Sara Sajeeda Drama Cast – OST – Story – Timing

Sara Sajeeda is a Drama Serial, Pakistani and Malaysian Joint project featuring famous Malaysian actress Tiz Zaqyah and Pakistani actor Arslan Asad Butt and Anmol Baloch. This drama was aired on the Malaysian TV channel TV3 in 2019 in the Malaysian language. Sara Sajeeda Drama is aired on SAB TV in Urdu Dubbing in 2021. Let’s dig in to know about the drama Sara Sajeeda full Cast name, story, and many other details.

Sara Sajeeda Drama Cast

Here is the real name of complete cast of drama serial Sara Sajeeda:

Anmol Balooch   (Sajeeda)
Arslan Asad Butt   (Fawaad Khan)
Tiz Zaqyah Razak (Sara)
Hareeb Farooq    (Mikal)
Fahrin Ahmed    (Megat)
Alizeh Shah    (Jasmin)
Aliha Chaudhary   (Mahwar)
Fouziah Gous    (Nelisa)
Alif Muhaimin   (Khalif)
Zoya Khan    (Asha)
Mas Anizan   (Puan Sri Norizan)
Shaharuddin Thamby   (Tan Sri Ismadi)
Uyaina Arshad   (Iman Dahlia)
Mira Filzah    (Sofea)
Raheela Agha    (Reema)
Saima Saleem   (Saima)
Sofia Ibrahim   (Tok Nani)
Sasha Abedul    (Emelda)
Jasper Supayah   (Rita)


Drama Serial Sara Sajeeda is produced by Zeel Production, a Malaysian-based Production Company.


Feroz Kader, Rizwan Zaman and Eoon Shuhaini have directed the drama serial Sara Sajeeda.


Drama serial Sara Sajeeda is written by Syed Muhammad Toufik.


You can watch the drama serial Sara Sajeeda on Monday and Tuesday at 9:00 pm only on Sab TV.

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Sara Sajeeda Drama Story

The story of drama serial Sara Sajeeda revolves around Fawaad (Arslan Asad Butt), Sara (Tiz Saqyah), and Sajeeda (Anmol Balooch).

sara sajeeda drama cast name

Sara lives in Malaysia and she works as a lecturer. Her father forces her to marry Megat (Fahrin Ahmed). Sara married Megat because she has no other option left. Their married could not continue longer and they get separated.

Fawaad gets a job offer from Malaysia after completing his qualification. He leaves her family in Pakistan and goes to Kuala Lampur to start a new life. He meets Sara in Kuala Lampur. They develop an interest in each other and decide to marry. But Fawaad returns to Pakistan due to an emergency of the earthquake.

When Fawaa comes to Pakistan, his family forces him to marry Sajeeda, who has lost her parent in the earthquake. When Fawaad returns to Malaysia, Sara expresses his love for him but he is helpless now because he is already married to Sajeeda.


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