Sabir Shakir Biography, Journalist Age, Education, Wife, Family

Sabir Shakir is a Pakistani famous host, anchor, and journalist. He was the host of the Ary News program. Sabir Shakir journalist full biography, Wikipedia, age, education, wife, family, career, Instagram, salary, and other details. He runs his own YouTube channel with the name “Sabir Shakir” and makes videos about current issues in Pakistan. Let’s have a look at Sabir Shakir’s full biography and interesting facts about his personal and professional life.

Sabir Shakir Biography

Sabir Shakir Biography


He was born on 8th November 1982 in Lahore, Pakistan. His height is 5 feet 8 inches.


He completed his Master’s Degree in Political Science.


Sabir Shakir never shared data about his personal life.


He lives in Lahore with his family.  

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Sabir Shakir is one of the most popular senior Pakistani Journalists. He worked with Ary News for 17 years and resigned in May 2022. He has a huge fan following and his fans love to listen to his views about current issues in Pakistan. He worked with top channels in Pakistan and play an important role in the media industry of Pakistan.  

Social Media Handles

Sabir Shakir Twitter: ARYSabirShakir
Sabir Shakir YouTube Channel: Sabir Shakir

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