Romance on the Farm Chinese Drama Cast Name & Story

Romance on the Farm is a 2023 romantic and comedy Chinese drama. The drama’s first episode was released on 14 October 2023. The drama story shows the love life of a young couple Lian Maner and Shen Nuo. A modern girl Lian Maner accidentally reaches the ancient village, where she meets a young and handsome man Shen Nuo. Get more information about 2023 Chinese drama Romance on the Farm cast, actors’ real name, age, and pictures.

Drama Details

Genres: Romance, Comedy
Director: Hong Ling
Language: Chinese
Duration: 40 mints
Total Episodes: 26

Romance on the Farm Chinese Drama Cast

Joseph Zeng as Shen Nuo

Chinese actor Joseph Zeng played the lead role of Shen Nuo in this drama. His age is 26 years old. His first drama was “Happy Man” in 2016. Joseph’s recent dramas are “My Journey To You” and “Hi Producer”.

Romance on the Farm Chinese Drama Cast

Tian Xi Wei as Lian Maner

Actress Tian Xiwei performed the role of Lian Maner opposite Joseph Zeng and viewers love their on-screen couple. She is 26 years old. Her latest popular drama is “Wrong Carriage, Roght Groom”.

Romance on the Farm Chinese Drama Cast

Li Mo Zhi as Lian Hua Er

Li Mo Zhi is also part of this Chinese drama and her character name is Lian Hua Er. She is 30 years old and known for her pretty looks. Her best dramas are “My Lethal Man” and “A Camellia Romance”.

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Katherine Yang as Lian Ye Er

Katherine Yang’s character name is Lian Ye Er. Her age is 29 years and she appeared in many dramas in supporting roles. Her new drama was “Bright Eyes in the Dark”.

Drama Supporting Cast Name

Yvonne Wang as Lian Xiu Er
Wang Jian Guo as Old Master Lian Fang
Zhou Xian Xin as Madam Zhang
Liu Ling Zhi as Lian Shou Xin
Chang Long as Shi San
Liao Peng Fei as Song Hai Long
Xing Ze as Wang You Heng
Jinag Yi as Xin Tong
Zhao Yi as Lian Shou Ren
Wang Ya Ting as Madame Wang

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