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Rabi Pirzada Umrah Pictures from Mecca & Medina

Ex-pop singer Rabi Pirzada recently performed Umrah and shared her beautiful pics from Holy places Mecca and Medina. She was a famous pop singer in Pakistan but she left showbiz due to her scandal of leaked videos and pictures on social media. This scandal affected her life and she decided to change her way of living life and turned to Islam. Rabi Pirzada Umrah pictures show her passion for Islam.

Rabi Pirzada Umrah Pictures

rabi pirzada umrah pictures

Rabi Pirzada took her Instagram account and shared her picture in front of Makkah with the caption “The best selfie I have ever taken”. Her pictures and caption show her passion for Islam. She requested her followers to support her in her new life. She doesn’t want to become part of the music industry again.

rabi pirzada umrah pictures

Rabi Pirazda knows, how to handle criticizers in this world. She said she shared these pictures to show off her Umrah because she felt proud after showing religious rituals to the public. According to her point of view, her mistakes are an issue between her and Allah, so people must stop to criticize her for her past.

rabi pirzada umrah pictures

She decided to leave showbiz in November 2019. She filed a complaint with Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency, against the people responsible for her leaked videos and pictures.

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