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Raat by Atif Aslam Lyrics – Atif Aslam Songs 2021

Raat is a 2021 song romantic and emotional song by Atif Aslam. Gorgeous Syra Yousaf and Atif Aslam are looking amazing together in Raat Music Video. Song lyrics and video story is full of entertainment and emotions. Let’s have a look at the full song lyrics of Raat by Atif Aslam.  

Singer:  Atif Aslam

Music Video:  Yasir Jaswal

Raat Atif Aslam Lyrics

Raat by Atif Aslam Lyrics

Lambi Raat Firaq Di
Javaay Thundi Hovay Sil
Cheria Chun Asman Taay
Kambun Laga Mera Dil
Hooo Raaaat Bhari Na Hona
Raaah Khawaba Na khona
Hooo Raat

Raat Mere Sath Guzrana
 Ghumow Tu Ghumna
Kirnow Ko Chorna
Raat Mere Sath Therna
Neendow Mein Jagna
 Santty Torna
Hoooo Raaaat Bhari Na Hona
Hooo Raaah Khwab Na Khona

Raat Mere Aaib Chupana
Badal ko Orna
Tanha Na Chorna
Hooo Raat Mujhay Tare Dikhana
Barish Mein Bighna
Yadoow Se Khalna
Hooo Raat Bhari Na Hona
Hooo Raaah Khawb Na Khona
Raaaaat Raaaat

Raat Bhari Na Hona
Raat Tanha Na Chorna
Oooo Raat
Raaaaat Raaaat
Hmmmmm Tanha Na Chorna
Nendoow Mein Jagna
Hoooo Raat

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