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Prince Harry, Meghan stepped back from Royal duties

A world-famous couple of Royal family, Prince Harry and Meghan announced on 8th January 2020 on their Instagram account, that they want to step back from all royal duties and plan to live an independent life. They said they will become financially independent and spend their time in both the UK and America.

Prince Harry & Meghan

Before the announcement, Prince Harry and Meghan had not consulted with other members of the royal family and that was shocking news for them. Their unexpected statement created a strange situation in Buckingham Palace. According to the news, they took a 6 weeks break from royal duties and lived in Canada with their son.

prince harry and meghan

Meghan Markel is a famous actress, who lived and worked for many years in Canada. Their statement about leaving the royal life proves that they are not satisfied with their current royal duties and want to live an independent life in their own style.

The royal couple presently lives in Windsor at Frogmore Cottage with their son “Archie”. After their marriage, the couple establishes their own household away from Prince William and Kate. Every decision of Meghan faces criticism from the royal family and the public.

Harry & Meghan’s Future Plans

prince harry and meghan

Harry and Meghan launch a new website “SussexRoyal.com” and explain all their future projects. They don’t want to leave their Frogmore Cottage and plan to interact with the public only through their social media account.

Now, according to the latest news, Meghan had returned to Canada and Queen will find a solution to accepting their decision. Senior royal members said, they respect their different approaches to living life but some complications are involved and will take some time for solving the situation.

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