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PISA 2020 Worst Dressed Actresses

Pakistan’s First International Screen Award took place in Dubai. Many Pakistani Celebrities attended the awards ceremony. Some Pakistani Actresses were looking stunning but few disappointed fans with their PISA 2020 look. Some Pakistani actresses followed Hollywood award show dressing styles. Trending of showing skin on award shows is increasing very rapidly among Pakistani actresses. Many famous and beautiful Pakistani celebrities appeared in very bold dressing styles. Here we have listed PISA 2020 worst dressed actresses. Let’s dig in to have a look at which actresses disappointed fans with their bold dressing.

PISA 2020 Worst Dresses

Sadaf Kanwal

pisa 2020 worst dressed

Top Pakistani model and actress Sadaf Kanwal are famous for her bold dressing style. She wore a white saree with a sleeveless half blouse. She was not looking attractive in that bold white saree.

Ayesha Omer

Ayesha Omer is very famous for her fashion and style sense. This time she wore a completely embellished skin-tight long gown. Her dress was suitable for Hollywood Award ceremonies but being a Pakistani actress fans were not impressed by her bold dress.


pisa 2020 worst dressed

Veteran actress Meera G appeared on the red carpet in the topless light peach color gown. But this was not a very suitable look for her.

Ushna Shah

Ushna Shah wore topless black and white gown but this look was not very attractive and fans were not much impressed by her look.

Sarwat Gillani

Sarwat Gillani wore a saree with a topless half blouse. She tried to copy Indian actress’s looks and was not very beautiful.

Mahira Khan

pisa 2020 worst dressed

Mahira Khan appeared in two dresses. She wore a backless skin-tight shiny gown with a long cut on the backside. She wore another black gown with one sleeve. Her overall look did not impress fans. Usually, she looks gorgeous in a gown at an award show but she failed to meet fans’ expectations.

Hira Mani

pisa 2020 worst dressed

Mere Pass Tum Ho actresses Hira Mani wore a golden skin gown with a long cut on the front. Her makeup and hair were looking good bus her bold dresses did not suit her personality.

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Momal Sheikh

pisa 2020 worst dressed

Eshal Fayyaz

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