Perfect Groom Turkish Drama Cast Real Name and Story

Perfect Groom is a Turkish Drama that is dubbed in Urdu and Hindi. Here we have the Turkish drama Perfect Groom cast real name and a complete story. It is a romantic comedy Turkish drama with a very interesting story. Let’s dig in to know about the Turkish drama serial Perfect Groom full cast real name, story, and other interesting details.

Perfect Groom Turkish Drama Cast

Burcu Ozberk as Melike
Ali Arsan Duru as Mehmet
Leyla Goksun as Ilknur
Anil Ilter as Engin
Mesut Yilmaz as Tahseen
Nukhet Duru as Miss Diva
Hande Kaptan as Jannat
Erhan Yazicioglu as Hayati


Drama Serial Perfect Groom is written by Nehir Erdem and Ayse Ferda Yilmaz.

Perfect Groom Drama Turkish Name

The Turkish Name of the Drama serial Perfect Groom is Sahane Damat.


Drama Perfect Groom is produced by Sinegraf and directed by Rasit Celikezer.

Perfect Groom Turkish Drama story

The story of the Turkish drama serial Perfect Groom revolves around a girl Melike (Burcu Ozberk). She was to become a successful journalist. But unfortunately, she is working in a junior position on a News channel.

perfect groom turkish drama cast real name story

Melike’s family does live with her in Istanbul. She lies to them about being a famous and successful journalist. She also lies about being engaged to Mehmet. Mehmet is a plastic surgeon and Melike’s crush. But he is also the fiancé of Melike’s boss Ilkanur.

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When Melike’s family arrives in Istanbul and wants to meet her fiancé then she convinced Mehmet to become part of her lie. She blackmails him that she will tell his uncle’s wife about his uncle’s affair. Mehmet has to do what she says as he has no other option left.

Mehmet spends time with her and comes to know her good qualities. Some interesting twists and happenings bring them together forever.

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