Pehly Ashry Ki Dua – Ramadan First Ashra Name & Dua

Ramadan Kareem Pehly Ashry ki Dua in Arabic text with Urdu Translation. First Ashra in Ramzan Dua, 1st Ashra is from 1 to 10 of Ramadan.

Pehly Ashry Ki Dua in Arabic Text

pehlay ashry ki dua first ramadan

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Ramdan First Ashra Name

The First Ashra of Ramadan is from 1 Ramadan to 10 Ramadan and 1st Ashra name is Ashra e Rehmat (Mercy). In the first ten-day of Ramadan Allah showers his mercy on his creators.

Ramzan ke Pehly Ashray ki dua to read in Ramadan 2022 Ashra e Rehmet. First Ashra Dua in Arabic text with Urdu Translation.  

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