Papo Mejia Death, Wiki, Now & Real Life Story

Papo Mejia was one the biggest rivals of the Griselda Blanco. He was also one of the prominent Drug lords in the Columbia. Griselda also tried to kill him many times. Here we have details about the real-life Papo Mejia death reason, wiki, and real life story.

Papo Mejia Wiki/Biography

Papo Mejia was one the biggest Drug traffickers from Columbia to Miami. When Griselda entered the world of the drug business, he was his biggest rival. A bitter war started between both when Griselda started targeting Papo’s family members.

Time in Prison

Papo Mejia almost spent 22 years in prison. He was captured by the Drug Investigation Department. He has multiple allegations against him. After serving many years in jail, he was eventually released.

Papo Mejia Death

There were rumors that Papo Mejia got killed in a traffic accident. But his death is a bit mystery because it was never confirmed officially by his family or group members.

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Where is he Now?

Some people also believe that Papo Mejia is alive and went underground after his release. No one knows any confirmed details of his whereabouts.

papo mejia death wiki real life story

Life Story

Papo Mejia was the only big lord in the Drug trafficking industry. The enmity between Papo and Griselda started when she took over his position. Their relationship became better when she killed his father. Then he also started to target her family members. Rigo was also killed by Papo Mejia.

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