One Piece Netflix Cast Alvida Real Name & Details

One Piece Live Action is a 2023 most-watched and top-rated Netflix series. The cast of the series is highly talented and amazes the viewers with their brilliant acting. All episodes of One Piece are full of suspense, action, and thrill. One Piece Live Action Netflix cast Alivda surprises the audiences with her best acting and everyone wants to know about her real name and other details.

One Piece Netflix Cast Alvida

Who is Alvida in One Piece Live Action?

Actress Real Name

Ilia Isorelys Paulino performed the exciting character of Alvida in the One Piece Netflix series.

One Piece Netflix Cast Alvida

Alvida More Details

She played the character of Alvida, who is the famous Pirate and fights with a dangerous spiked iron club. Her acting is outstanding and appreciated by the viewers. She is a talenetd actress and writer. She played a negative role in the series, but she is winning hearts with her stunning acting skills.

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She belongs to the Dominican Republic and lives in Massachusetts. She is known for her amazing Spanish ascent. She was also part of “Beauty and the Beast”.

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