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Noor Bukhari Married Again her Ex-Husband Awn Chaudhary

Noor Bukhari is a popular Pakistani actress who has worked in many famous Pakistani Movies and Dramas. The veteran actress has been in news for a few months due to her fifth marriage rumors. Noor Bukhari denied all rumors about her fifth marriage to a man from England. But recently due to Noor’s social media post, it is expected that Noor Bukhari has married again his Ex-husband Awn Chaudhary.

noor bukhari husbands
noor bukhari married again

Noor Bukhari posted Ex-Husband Awn Chaudhary’s picture on social media with the caption “My Hero”! May fans congratulate Noor on marrying again. Famous TV show host and political leader Dr. Aamir Liaquat also congratulated Noor Bukhari.

noor bukhair daughter

Noor Bukhari married for the first time in 2008 to a businessman named Vikram. But after two years Noor got divorced. Then Noor married Farood Mangel in 2010. But due to some issues, their marriage lasted for a few months. Then after two years, Noor Bukhari married Awn Chaudhary. They had a daughter but Noor Bukhari’s third marriage also ended in also a few months. Then after 3 years, Noor Bukhari married again to Wali Hamid khan in 2015. After 2 years, Noor took Khula from her fourth husband due to domestic issues.

noor bukhari bushra bibi
noor bukhari married again

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In 2019, Noor Bukhari’s fifth marriage went viral on social media. But then the actress denied all such rumors and requested all social media handles to stop spreading this false news. But now her remarriage to his Ex-Husband Awn Chaudhary news is all over the internet. News has not been confirmed officially by Noor Yet.

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