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Nimra Khan Weight Loss Journey – Amazing Transformation in 7 Days

Nimra Khan is an amazing Pakistani actress and model. Nimra Khan’s adorable acting skills and beautiful looks are admired by fans. In 2014, Nimra Khan was badly injured in a car accident in 2014. In that accident, Nimra Khan’s leg fractured from five different points. She was on complete bed rest for 6 months. During that duration, Nimra Khan gained weight. After recovering she again joined the showbiz industry. Recently, Nimra Khan has reduced weight in a very short duration. Nimra Khan has shared her weight loss journey with her fans.

nimra khan weight loss
nimra khan old pics

Nimra lost 8 Kg weight in 7 days. Nimra Khan shared her diet plan after an amazing transformation. Her diet plan is really impressive and it can help anyone to reduce weight.

Nimra Khan Diet Plan

Nimra Khan followed a strict diet plan to reduce weight in a few days. Here is the complete diet plan of Nimra Khan.


Three Egg White, One Apple, One Cup Green Tea

Mix Vegetable Juice after one day gap before breakfast


Same as in Breakfast


Same as in Breakfast

Take egg white only if you feel hungry at night or anytime.

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nimra khan weight loss

This the complete diet plan Nimra Khan followed for weight loss. She reduced 8 Kg weight in just one week. In total, Nimra Khan lost 17 Kg weight. Nimra Khan looks more gorgeous and attractive now.

nimra khan weight loss

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Nimra Kha has appeared in many dramas. Her acting in the drama serial “Choti Si Zindagi” was just loved by her fans. Nimra appears usually as a positive character but recently, she has appeared in a few series as a negative character. Nimra Khan has proved herself a versatile actor by performing these different kind of roles. Her acting in the Drama serial “Bhool” was appreciated by the audience. She is also performing the negative character in the drama serial “Khoobserat” and she is doing her work brilliantly.

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