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Netherlands Boxer Ruby Jesiah Mesu Accepted Islam After Practising for Years

Ruby Jesiah Mesu, a famous boxing star from the Netherland, has converted to Islam. She announced on her official Instagram account about her conversion. Ruby Jesiah Mesu was Christian formerly. She is one of the top boxers from the Netherland. Boxer Ruby Jesiah Mesu accepted Islam and share news happily on her social media account.

Ruby Jesiah Mesu Accepted Islam
Ruby Jesiah Mesu Accepted Islam

Anti-Muslim organizations are quite active, especially in European countries. Muslims are on their hit list and it’s very difficult for Muslims to survive in this time in European countries. The conversion of Ruby Jesiah Mesu to Islam has given a positive message to the world about Islam. Islam is a religion of peace and love. Muslims are a peace-loving community and Ruby Jesiah is very happy to be a part of them.

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Ruby Jesiah Mesu Accepted Islam

Some improper words and acts done by France hurt the whole Muslim nation and many protests were recorded against France. In Europe, especially France, many Muslims were targeted, either they were injured badly or murdered. But the c Ruby Jesiah Mesu has Islam proves that the more you try to oppress Islam, the more it would spread, bye accepted Islam openly after practicing for years.

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