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Nand Drama Cast Real Name and Pics

Nand is a 2020 drama aired on Ary Digital. The drama story and cast are amazing. Drama is written by Sameena Aijaz and directed by Syed Zeeshan Ali Zaidi. Drama story is full of suspense, emotions, and entertainment. Drama introduced many rising stars to the Pakistan showbiz industry. Minal Khan acting in drama Nand is outstanding. Let’s have a look at Nand Drama Cast Real Name and Pics.

Nand Drama Cast Real Name

Minal Khan  (Rabi)

Minal Khan is performing the lead role of Rabi. Rabi is an innocent and loving girl, who faces many problems in her life due to her sister-in-law Gohar. Minal Khan’s acting is outstanding in Nand, she is proving her incredible acting skills after performing the role of Rabi. Have a look at real-life pics of Minal Khan.

Nand drama cast name
Nand drama cast name

Shehroz Sabazwar   (Saqib)

Shehroz Sabzwari is a famous actor and model. He is performing the role of Saqib in the drama Nand. He started his acting career in 2011 on Geo Tv drama serial Ana. He is the son of famous actor Behroze Sabzwari. Let’s have a look at his real-life pics.

Minsa Malik   (Afsha)

Minsa Malik is a rising star in the Pakistan drama industry. She started her acting career in 2020. She is a talented girl with outstanding acting skills. Here we have stunning pics of gorgeous Minsa Malik.

Nand drama cast name

Aijaz Aslam  (Jahangir)

Well-known actor Aijaz Aslam is performing the role of Jahangir in Nand. His acting is outstanding, drama story revolves around the life of Jahangir. Let’s have a look at pics of talented actor Aijaz Aslam with his family.

Nand drama cast name

Faiza Hasaan  (Gohar)

The lead role of Gohar is performed by talented Fazia Hasaan. She is performing a negative role and facing criticism from the public, but her acting is outstanding. She proved, that she can perform both positive and negative roles.

Nand drama cast name

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Ayaz Samoo  (Hasan)

Ayaz Samoo is performing the role of a younger brother of Saqib and Gohar named Hasan. His outstanding acting makes this serial more interesting. Let’s have a look at real-life pics of Ayaz Samoo.

Nand drama cast name

Maha Hasan  (Farwa)

Maha Hasan is also a rising star in the Pakistan showbiz industry. Her first drama was Ishqia with Feroze Khan and Hania Amir. In Nand, she appeared in a different role and viewers appreciate her outstanding acting. Here we have stunning pictures of beautiful Maha Hasan.

Nand drama cast name

Ahmed Usman (Umer)

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