My Special Girl Chinese Drama Cast & Story

My Special Girl is a 2024 romantic Comedy Chinese drama series featuring Ireine Song and Leon Zhang in the lead roles with many other talented actors in the cast. Its story is about a boy who suffers from Facial blindness and a senior preschool student. Here we have My Special Girl Chinese drama cast name, story, and other details.

Drama Details

Genres: Comedy, Romance
Producer: Dai Ying
Director: Song Yang
Language: Chinese
Duration: 45 Minutes
Total Episodes: 24

My Special Girl Chinese Drama Cast

Ireine Song – Hao Liang
Leon Zhang – Gu Jiuli
Zhou Yanchen – Han Yi Jie
Mao Linlin – Chen Yi Bei
Zhou Dawei – Zhu Yi
Jing Yan Jung – Xiao C
Isabella – Yang Pan Pan
Chen Shuai – Zui Ge
Sun Le – Jason
Liu Jie – Song Ming Zhu

Release Date

The first episode of the Chinese drama My Special Girl was released on 1 February 2024.

Writer Name

Fei Hui Jun is the writer of the Chinese drama series My Special Girl.

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My Special Girl Chinese Drama Story

The story of Chinese drama My Special Girl revolves around Gu Jiuli and Hao Liang. Gu Jiuli is runs his company related to robots and technology and Hai Liang is a senior Preschool student at Education department. She is an online singer and kept it a secet due to her mother. Hao Liang starts intership at Gu Jiuli’s company. She fells in love with him at first sight.

Gu Juili suffers from Facial Blindess and is unaware of the fact that the girl who he likes due to her sining is Hao Liang. An interesting love story started when both starts working together.

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