My Left Side Turkish Drama Cast Real Name & Story

My Left Side is a famous Turkish drama dubbed in Urdu / Hindi in 2021. My Left Side Turkish drama cast is talented and makes this serial more interesting with their outstanding acting. The lead roles are performed by Ozge Yagiz and Tolga Mendi. My Left Side drama story is full of romance, emotion, and suspense. Let’s have a look at the Turkish Series My Left Side actors’ real-life names and pictures.

My Left Side Turkish Drama Cast

My Left Side Turkish Drama Cast

Ozge Yagiz as Sara
Tolga Mendi as Saleem
Cemre Baysel as Biricik
Emre Bey as Burak
Defne Samyeli as Asena
Cansel elcin as Ihsan
Deniz Barut as Nil
Taner Rumeli as Onur
Esra Bezen as Nilgun
Tugce Acikgoz as Zainab
Ecem Atalay as Eda
Feyza Civelek as Nazlim
Emre Dinier as Babar
Oktay Cubuk as Ali
Aleyna Sen as Hulya

My Left Side Turkish Drama Cast

Turkish Name

Sol Yanim

My Left Side Turkish Drama Story

My Left Side story revolves around the life of a young couple named Sara and Saleem. They meet each other in their University and fall in love. Sara belongs to a lower-middle-class family and she continued her work with studies. Saleem belongs to a rich family and after the death of her mother his life completely changed. Biricik is Saleem’s friend and she loves him. Saleem’s stepmother Asena is a selfish woman and always creates problems for his family. The story takes a new turn when Sara’s mother Nilgun meets with Saleem’s father.

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