My Boss 2024 Chinese Drama Cast Name & Story

My Boss is a 2024 romantic comedy Chinese drama series starring Zhang Ruonan and Chen XingXu in the lead cast. Its story is about a girl whose roommate turns out her boss. It is a very funny and intriguing drama with many twists in the story. Read More about the 2024 Chinese drama My Boss cast name, story, and other details.

Drama Details

Genres: Romance, Comedy
Director: Chen Shiyi, Chen Ming Zhang
Language: Chinese
Duration: 45 Minutes
Total Episodes: 36

My Boss 2024 Chinese Drama Cast Name

Zhang Ruonan as Cheng Yao
Chen Xingxu as Qian Heng
Li Jun Xian as Wu Jun
Chen Xiao Yun as Cheng Xi
Chen Yu Zhe as Cheng Xiao He
Ye Xiao Wei as Gu Bei Qing
Chen Hao Len as Tan Ying
Liu Lei as Zhang Hao
Fan Shaui Qi as Liang Yi Ran
Du Ya Fei as Lu Jian
Shao Yi Fan as Lin Lan
Ming Dao as Boss Chen

Release Date

The first episode of the Chinese drama My Boss was released on 4 January 2024.

Writer Name

Li Jing Ling is the writer of the drama My Boss.

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My Boss 2024 Chinese Drama Story

The story of the Chinese drama My Boss revolves around Cheng Yao who starts working in a law firm. Qian Heng is her roommate in the new house near her house. Both are a bit different from each other.

A twist comes in the story when Qian Heng turns out Cheng Yao’s boss at the new job. Qian Heng is a very hard-to-please person. Initially, he is very strict with Cheng Yao. But soon they develop feelings for each other.

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