Multan Sehri & Iftar Time 2022 Fiqa Jafria (Shia) Ramadan Timing

Multan is one of the ancient cities of Pakistan. It is one of the most populated cities in Pakistan. Multan Sehri and Iftar time for Ramadan 2022 complete the calendar for Shia (Fiqa Jafria). Here we have Ramadan timing for Multan Sehri and Iftar Time 2022 for Fiqa Jafria (Shia).

Multan Sehri Time Today Fiqa Jafria

RamadanDate 2022Sehri Time Fiqa Jafria (Shia)
302 May03:53 am

Multan Iftar Time Today Fiqa Jafria

RamadanDate 2022Iftar Time Fiqa Jafria (Shia)
302 May07:04 pm

Multan Sehri & Iftar Time 2022 Fiqa Jafria (Shia)

RamadanDateSehri TimeIftar Time
13 April 202204:30 AM06:45 PM
24 April 202204:29 AM06:46 PM
35 April 202204:27 AM06:46 PM
46 April 202204:26 AM06:47 PM
57 April 202204:25 AM06:47 PM
68 April 202204:23 AM06:48 PM
79 April 202204:22 AM06:49 PM
810 April 202204:21 AM06:49 PM
911 April 202204:19 AM06:50 PM
1012 April 202204:18 AM06:50 PM
1113 April 202204:17 AM06:51 PM
1214 April 202204:16 AM06:52 PM
1315 April 202204:14 AM06:52 PM
1416 April 202204:13 AM06:53 PM
1517 April 202204:12 AM06:54 PM
1618 April 202204:10 AM06:54 PM
1719 April 202204:09 AM06:55 PM
1820 April 202204:08 AM06:55 PM
1921 April 202204:06 AM06:56 PM
2022 April 202204:05 AM06:57 PM
2123 April 202204:04 AM06:57 PM
2224 April 202204:03 AM06:58 PM
2325 April 202204:01 AM06:59 PM
2426 April 202204:00 AM06:59 PM
2527 April 202203:59 AM07:00 PM
2628 April 202203:58 AM07:01 PM
2729 April 202203:57 AM07:01 PM
2830 April 202203:55 AM07:02 PM
291 May 202203:54 AM07:03 PM
302 May 202203:53 AM07:04 PM

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Ramzan 2022 Roza timetable for the Multan city for Shia Maslak. Complete Sehri and Iftar time with date for Multan for Fiqa Jafria.

When is 1st Ramadan 2022 in Multan Pakistan?

1st Roza of Ramadan is expected on 2nd April 2022 Evening in Multan Pakistan. First Roza would be on 3rd April.

What is Sehri time for First Roza for Multan City?

Multan City Sehri Time for the first Roza for Shia Maslak is 04:30 AM as the first Roza is expected to be on 3rd April.

What is the first Roza Iftar time for the Multan city for Shia Maslak?

First Roza Iftar time is 6:45 pm for the Shia Maslak for Multan City.

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