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“Mrs. Khan” says Women should keep SILENT to avoid DIVORCE

Mrs. Khan who runs a famous Marriage Bureau recently blamed women’s way of talking and not serving their husband in time as the major and only reason for divorce. This comment has initiated a war between Mrs. Khan and feminist supporters.

Mrs. Khan was invited to a TV Show Subh Swareey Pakistan on channel 92 to talk about the reasons for divorce and back influence after divorce on Kids. When the anchor asked about her point of view, she blamed women as the major reasons for divorce.

Mrs. Khan’s Comment on Divorce Reasons

Mrs. Khan said:

Women should keep quiet in order to have a good marital life. Ideal wives should serve their husbands. Those girls who don’t want to take responsibility should not marry. These types of girls are not eligible for marriage and they are not proper women. Girls, keep your mouth shut in order to send a happy married life.

So, these were the words of Mrs. Khan and her blast on married girls went viral. The majority of women did not support her narrative. But Men were in support of Mrs. Khan. A sort of war began after Mrs khan’s comment.

Many Men Supported Mrs. Khan

Many men supported her and tweeted in favor of Mrs. Khan. They praised her and said she has destroyed feminism completely.

Here are some comments in favor of Mrs. Khan.

Women were angry at Mrs. Khan

But all Women were so furious at Mrs. Khan’s comment. Their point of view was that women don’t marry to become labor. Women should be treated with respect and Men should also help them in their household. If something goes wrong then women have equal rights to speak. Many women ruin them when they keep quiet and don’t raise their voice against the violence instead of bearing everything.

Many Women were angry over Mrs Khan and commented on her social media forum.

Overall there was a war between Mrs. Khan Supports and opponents on Social Media. Many ladies shared their experiences with Mrs. Khan’s marriage Bureau. Women said that she runs a marriage bureau and for the lust of money she is destroying the future of people.

What a neutral person can say about Mrs. Khan

If we judge Mrs. Khan’s comment as a neutral person then we can say that her ways of conveying the message were a bit harsh which hurt many ladies around the globe who have suffered violence in the past or are suffering now. It always depends upon the sensitivity of the issue. Everyone’s life is different from others and issues in their life also vary. Sometimes it’s the duty of Men to understand their better half and make some compromises to spend a happy life together. Sometimes it’s in the hands of Women to take some hard but necessary steps which can save many lives and could lead toward a prosperous life.

In a nutshell. Mrs. Khan’s point of view on divorce reasons spread a very negative influence on society. If you want someone to listen you then at least talk in a gentle manner.

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