Money Back Guarantee Movie Review & Storyline

Money Back Guarantee Movie was released on Eid-ul-Fitr 2023. Movie Audience have shared review about the movie Money Back Guarantee. This movie is written by Faisal Qureshi and also directed by him. Many famous super hit actors are part of its cast. Read Money Back Guranatee Movie review, storyline, and public reaction.

Movie Storyline

A group of robbers decides to rob a bank and lout the money of corrupt politicians from the Bank. They plan to pay their debts after this last robbery. On the other hand, Bank Manager stands firmly to save the bank from robbery and all money. It is an interesting movie and an amazing combination of comedy with action and crime scenes.

Money Back Guarantee Movie Review

Fawad Khan is the part of movie Money Back Guarantee cast. Many fans of Fawad watched this movie on Eid. Other fans of Pakistani comedy films also rushed to Cinema to watch the movie on Eid. The overall review of the public about the movie Many Back Guarantee is kind of mixed.

Some people liked the movie and enjoyed the comedy action film with a lot of cast members. People considered it a good movie to watch on vacations with family.

But on the other hand, some did not like the movie due to improper synchronization of the story. The acting of a few members seemed to be copied from the other famous characters in Movies. Some claimed that this movie could have better action sequels and curiosity in the story. As many top actors could have been seen in better roles.

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The plot of the movie revolves around a group of robbers who rob a bank. This movie is shoot in Pakistan and Thailand. The start of the movie was good but the story could not maintain the twists which could make it more interesting.

Overall Money Back Guarantee is a good movie and got a fifty-fifty reaction from the public. But Fawd Khan’s fans were not very happy with his role and overall movie script.

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