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Mayi Ri Drama Cast Name With Photos – Pakistani Serial

Pakistani 2023 drama Mayi Ri aired on Ary Digital with a young and talented actor in cast name. Drama viewers are just in love with the outstanding acting of rising stars of the Pakistan drama industry. Mayi Ri drama is written by Sana Fahad and directed by famous Pakistan director Meesam Naqvi. Let’s dig in to know about the Mayi Ri drama cast real name, age, and pictures.

Mayi Ri is a 2023 Pakistani most watched and top-rated long drama. The young couple of Aina Asif and Samar Abbas are winning the hearts of viewers worldwide, so we can say that this serial is giving a new level of success to the Pakistani drama industry.

Mayi Ri Drama Cast Real Name

Aina Asif as Annie

Aina Asif is a Pakistani actress, who performed the role of Annie in the 2023 drama Mayi Ri. Her previous famous drama was “Baby Baji” with Fazal Hussain. Drama viewers always appreciate her brilliant acting. She is 19 years old and lives in Karachi. Hum Tum was the debut drama of Aina Asif.

Mayi Ri Drama Cast Name

Samar Abbas Jafri as Fakhir

Samar Abbas is a young Pakistani singer and actor. This is the debut drama of Samar Abbas as a lead actor. Sama Abbas played the character of Fakhir in the drama Mayi Ri. He started his acting career at a young age as a child actor. He is 20 years old.

Mayi Ri Drama Cast Name

Masood Bukhari as Hamza

Masood Bukhari is also a rising star in the Pakistan drama industry. He performed the character of Hamza in the drama Mayi Ri. Hamza is a neighbor of Ainne, he has a crush on her and wants to express his feelings for Ainne.

mayi ri drama cast

Nain Sukh as Aiman

Nain Sukh is a rising star in the Pakistan drama industry. Her character name is Aiman in Mayi Ri. She is also known for making entertaining videos. She was also part of the famous show Game Show Aisay Chalega. The drama viewers appreciated her acting and attractive looks in Mayi Ri.

Maya Khan as Ayesha

Maya Khan performed the role of Ainne’s mother, her character name is Ayesha. She is a famous Pakistani host, anchor, and actress. She is 38 years old and her hometown is Karachi. Maya Khan started her acting career after a break and won the hearts of drama viewers.

Mayi Ri Drama Cast Name

Hania Ahmed as Faiza

Hania Ahmed performed the role of Faiza, the younger sister of Aina Asif aka Annie in drama Mayi Ri. She is a rising star in the Pakistan drama industry. She is a young actress and TikTok. This is the debut drama of Hania Ahmed.

Rimha Ahmed as Amna

Rimha Ahmed is known for making interesting TikTok videos. She is also a talented actress and model. In Mayi Ri, she is performing the role of Amna, Fakhir’s girlfriend. Her right date of birth is not available. She is 26 years old. She has a huge fan following on her social media accounts.

Mayi Ri Drama Cast Name

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Hiba Ali Khan as Raheela

Hiba Ali Khan performed the role of Raheela, Annie’s step mother in the drama serial Mayi Ri cast. is a famous host and actress. She is performing the character of Raheela in Mayi Ri. Hiba is 35 years old. She is married and lives in Karachi with her husband.

Arshea Akbar as Kiran

Arshea Akbar is a young and talented actor, model, and TikToker. She appeared as a child actress in the super hit Pakistani drama Udari with Ahsan Khan. She is also part of the cast of the drama Mayi Ri.

Muhammad Hassaan as Kasim

Muhammad Hassaan is a talented actor, his character name in Mayi Ri is Kasim. He appeared as a supporting actor in many famous dramas. He also appeared in the drama Pinjra with Aina Asif.

Maria Wasti as Samina

Famous actress and host Maria Wasti is also part of Mayi Ri’s long drama. She performed the role of mother of Samar Abbas and audiences love their mother-son relationship. Maria Wasti is 43 years old. She is not married yet. Her recent drama is Aik Sitam Aur with Anmol Baloch and Usama Khan.

Mayi Ri Drama Cast Name

Saad Zameer Faridi as Habib

Pakistani actor Saad Zameer Faridi has played the character of Annie’s father, Habib in the drama Mayi Ri. Saad has appeared as a supporting actor in many famous Pakistani dramas.

Nauman Aijaz as Zaheer

Nauman Aijaz is known for performing memorable roles in Pakistani dramas. His role in this serial is of the father of Samar Abbas. His recent famous drama was “Sang e Mah” with Atif Aslam.

Bisma Babar as Aliya

Bisma Babar performed the exciting character of Aliya, Rahela’s younger sister. Her acting is amazing in this serial. She is 33 years old. She also appeared in photoshoots for various fashion brands.

Amna Malik as Saiqa

Actress Amna Malik has performed the role of Annie’s Phupho Saiqa in the drama serial Mayi Ri cast. She is an amazing and gorgeous actress who has been part of many dramas. She is 34 years old and lives in Karachi.

Faham Usman as Jamshed

Fahan Usman is also part of this serial. He performed the character of Jamshed opposite Bisma Babur, Mamow of Aina Asif. The viewers appreciate her funny role in this drama.

Diya Mughal as Fehmi

She is a talented Pakistani actress, She started her showbiz career in 2011 and performed supporting roles in many hit dramas. Her age is 36 years old. She lives in Lahore with her family.

Sajida Syed as Annie’s Dadi

Sajida Syed is a senior Pakistani drama actress. She appeared in many famous dramas as the character of the mother of the lead cast. In Mayi Ri, her role is of Dadi of Ainne. She is 62 years old.

Paras Masroor as Faraz

Paras Masroor is a Pakistani actor, who appeared in many supporting roles in famous dramas. In this serial, he performed the character of the Faraz in drama. His previous famous drama was “Mere Damad”.

Usman Mazhar

Usman Mazhar is a Pakistani actor, who performed supporting characters in many famous dramas. His age is 41 years old and he lives in Karachi with his family. Usman Mazhar is not married yet.

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