Marry My Husband Kdrama Cast Name with Pictures

Marry My Husband is a 2024 Korean romantic family drama. The story revolves around the woman, who was murdered after finding out about her husband’s affair with her best friend. She traveled back 10 years and she decided to change her life and take revenge for injustice. This drama is full of romance, suspense, and emotions. Get more details about Kdrama Marry My Husband full cast real name, age, and pictures.

Drama Details

Genres: Romance, Revenge
South Korea
Director: Park Won-guk
Language: South Korean
Duration: 70 mints
Total Episodes: TBA

Marry My Husband Kdrama Cast Name

Park Min Young as Kang Ji Won

Famous Korean actor Park Min Young played the role of Kang Jo Won, who faces many problems in her married life. Min-young’s real age is 37 years old. Her best dramas are Love in Contract and When the Weather Is Fine. She became part of showbiz in 2005.

Lee Gi kwang as Baek Eun ho

Handsome and talented Lee Gi Kwang performed the role of Baek Eun ho, Ji-won’s high school classmate and a chef. His age is 33 years old. His previous drama was “Lovely Horribly”

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Choi Gyu Ri as Yoo Hee Yeon

Choi Gyu Ri has played the role of Jo Hyuk’s sister Yoo Hee Yeon in the Kdrama Marry My Husband.

Na In woo as Yoo Ji-hyuk

Na In woo’s character name is Yoo Ji-hyuk, who helps Kang Ji-won to take revenge on her husband. He is 29 years old. His famous dramas are “Longing on You” and Cleaning Up.

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Lee Yi Kyung as Park Min-hwan

Lee Yi Kyung played the character of Ji Won’s husband Park Min-hwan. He is 34 years old popular Korean actor. His recent hit dramas are “My Dearest”, and “Curtain Call”. He was also part of the dramas “Hotel De Luna” and “Welcome to Waikiki”.

Song Ha Yoon as Jung Soo-min

Fight For My Way drama famed actress Song Ha Yoon is also part of this serial. She played the main role of Jung Soo-min. She is 37 years old and known for her best acting skills and charming personality.

Song Ha Yoon Biography

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Supporting Cast

Gong Min-jung as Yang Joo-ran
Kim Jung-hee as Kim Kyung-wook
Ha Do-kwon as Lee Seok-joon
Moon Sung-Keun as Yoo Han-il
Cho Jin-se as Cho Dong-seok
Jung Jae-seong as Wang Heung-in

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