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Madiha Imam Wedding Reception in India Pictures

Madiha Imam is a famous Pakistani actress, known for her outstanding acting in Urdu dramas. The actress married Indian Film producer Moji Basar in Dubai, UAE. Recently she visited her in-laws in India and her video with her husband’s family went viral on the internet. She has a huge fan following and her wedding news was a big surprise for her fans. Here, we have shared adorable pictures of Moji Basar’s and Madiha Imam wedding reception in Arunachal Pradesh, India.

Madiha Imam Wedding Reception Photos

Madiha Imam wore the traditional Indian outfit with traditional jewelry at her reception in her husband’s hometown. She shared the beautiful pictures and videos with her fans. Moji’s family welcomes the Madiha with their family and hosts a fairytale reception.

Madiha Imam Wedding Reception
Madiha Imam Wedding Reception

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Moji Basra is 27 years old and Mahida’s age is 32, they have amazing chemistry and look beautiful together. Madiha Imam’s hometown is Karachi, she started her acting career in 2011 and performed the lead roles in many hit Pakistani dramas. Her recent famous dramas are “Mujhe Qabool Nahi” and “Chauraha”.

Madiha Imam Wedding Reception
Madiha Imam Wedding Reception

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