Madiha Imam Husband Age, Name, Pictures, Nationality, Religion

Madiha Imam is a well-known best Pakistani drama actress. She got married in May 2023, her fans want to know about Madiha Imam real husband name, age, family, religion, profession, country, nationality, education, and net worth details. She has outstanding acting skills and has a huge fan following in both India and Pakistan. Let’s look at the Madiha Imams’ Husband biography.

Madiha Imam husband

Madiha Imam Husband

Name & Age

Madiha Imam husband’s name is Moji Basar. He is 27 years old. He was born in India.

Profession & Career

Her husband is a Bollywood movie producer and singer. He was the production manager of the Indian Movie Luka Cuppi in 2019.

Family & Nationality

Madiha Imam and Moji meet each other during the production of the movie Dear Maya. Moji Basar never shared any information about his personal life.

Wedding Location

They got married in Dubai, UAE, and shared adorable pictures with their fans. Her wedding dress was designed by Zara Shahjahan and makeup was done by Aana Khan.

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Madiha Imam husband
Madiha Imam husband

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