Love on Menu Chinese Drama Cast & Story

Love on Menu is a romantic Chinese drama series featuring talented actors in the cast with a very intriguing storyline. Its story is about a passionate boy who needs someone to support his cooking platform. This is an intriguing rom-com drama series. Here we have Chinese drama Love on Meny cast name, story, and other details.

Drama Details

Genres: Romance
Director: Chen Gang
Language: Chinese
Duration: 30 Minutes
Total Episodes: 32

Love on Menu Chinese Drama Cast

Gao Hanyu as Yu Hao
Jade Cheng as Su Kelan
He Lei as Jin Xuan
Wang Pei Han as Han Meng
Yang Xue Er as Zhen Zhi Lin
Zeng Xi Tang as An Jie
Bai Xin Yi as Zhang Bi
Lu Lu as Gong Wen Shin
Dai Ting Rui as Li Xun
Zheng Zhong Yu as Wang Yi
Su Meng Di as Yang Yang

love on menu chinese drama cast name story

Writer Name

Hu Hui is the writer of the Chinese drama serial Love on Menu.

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Love on Menu Chinese Drama Story

The story of the Chinese drama Love on Menu revolves around Yu Hao who starts a new cooking platform. He doesn’t know anything about cooking at all. But to promote his platform he starts a reality show despite not knowing anything about the kitchen at all. Su Kelan joined his team as public relations head but helped in coping with the issue related to the cooking platform and taught him how to cook.

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