Love Deadline Cast & Host Biodata – Season 1 Details

Love Deadline is a Netflix reality of Japan with 6 male and 6 female cast members. In this reality show single females and males find a suitable partner not only for dating but to get married. The majority of contestants of Love Deadline are above thirty and want to settle in life and marry someone they like. Here we have the Japanese reality show Love Deadline cast member Real name, age, job, Host, Instagram, and other details of season 1.

Love Deadline Cast Real Name

Anna Tsumura

Anna Tasumura is a participant in the Japanese reality show Love Deadline season 1. She is 28 years old. Anna works at a foreign company. She wants to marry the person she loves.

love deadline cast name host age job season 1

Kei Keisuke Hashimoto

Keisuke Hashimoto aka Kei is one the most handsome cast members of Love Deadline season 1. He is 34 years old. Kei works for a Fund company. He wants a supportive and family-oriented partner.

love deadline cast name host age job season 1

Nona Konona Shiba

Konona Shiba aka Nona is a Japanese actress. She is 35 years old. She wants to find a partner and get married instead of just dating.

love deadline cast name host age job season 1

Sora Shibata

Sora Shibata joined Love Deadline season 1 in episode 5. She is 26 years old. She works as a livestreamer and promotes products to earn a living.

Shi Shizuka Eto

Shizuka Eto aka Shi is a Japnese model. She also runs her own spa. Shi is 32 years old. She wants to marry someone who earns well and is also intelligent.


Yushi is a dashing and cool cast member of Love Deadline. He is a martial artist.

Saki Kamata

Love Deadline contestant Saki Kamata works as a Yoga Instructor. She is 27 years old. She likes good-looking people and wants her life partner to be well-mannered and good-looking.

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Yuta Yanagawa

Yuta Yanagawa worked at an IT company. He is 30 years old. He believes that treating your partner like your real other half makes life beautiful.

Okapi Takuya Okane

Takyua Okane aka Okapi is a Japnese model, actor. He is also an event manager. Okapi is 37 years old. He always dated with the thought of marriage.

Taka Takayuki Toda

Takayuki Toda aka Taka is a young and handsome member of the Love Deadline. He is 29 years old. Taka works as a Cosmetic Surgeon.

Sayuri Fujito

Sayuri Fujito aka Sayu is a Nurse as well as a TV personality. She is 29 years old. She wants a caring person as her life partner.

Fuku Yuki Fukuda

Yuki Fukuda aka Fuku is a very chill and easygoing member of Love Deadline. He is 31 years old. He runs a marketing company.

Love Deadline Season 1 Host

Miyu Ikeda, Nana Suzuki, and Hidesugu Shibata are the host of the Netflix Japanese reality show Love Deadline season 1.

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