Longing for You Korean Drama Cast, 2023 Kdrama

Longing for You is a 2023 Mystery and action Korean drama with the main cast name Na In Woo (Oh Jin Seong) and
Kim Ji Eun (Go Young Joo). The Kdrama Longing for You shows the story of a talented detective Oh Jin Seong, who resolves a mysterious murder case in his town. There are total 14 episodes, broadcast on Viki and ENA. Get more information about the 2023 Korean Series Longing for You.

Drama Details

Genres: Action, Mystery
South Korea
Director: Han Cheol Soo & Kim Yong Min
Language: Korean
Duration: 1 hr 10 mints
Total Episodes: 14

Release Date

The release date of the Korean 2023 drama Longing for You is from July 26, 2023 to September 7, 2023.

Where to Watch Longing for You

You can watch the Kdrama Longing for You on Viki and ENA.

Longing for You Korean Drama Cast

Longing for You Korean Drama Cast

Na In Woo as Oh Jin Seong
Kim Ji Eun as Go Young Joo
Kwon Yool as Cha Young Woon
Bae Jong OK as Yoo Jung Sook
Lee Kyun Han as Park Ki Young
Jung Sang Hoon as Bae Min Gyu
Ren as Oh Jin Woo
Jang Hye Jin as Hong Yeong Hee
Kim Hee Jung as Pi Jang Mi
Choi Kwanh II as Cha Jin Cheol
Song Seung Ha as Choi Bum Ho
Kim Chul Ki as Cha Eun Ho
Kim Hyung Mook as Doctor Chu
Jung Ga Hee as Yang Hee Joo
Park Hyun Sook as Park Mi Ja
Choi Sang A as Bae Min Gyu’s Wife
Kim Young Hoon as Chief Professor

Day & Timings

Longing for You Korean is aired every Wednesday and Thursday from 26th July 2023.

Writer Name

Kwon Min Soo is the writer of the Kdrama Longing for You.

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Longing for You Kdrama Story

The Kdrama story revolves around the mystery of a murder case in the town Woojin. The lead character Oh Jin Seong is a talented director. He becomes part of the investigation team when he knows his young brother is involved in this murder case. He revealed the right culprit, but suddenly his brother is attacked by someone and died.

FAQs About Longing for You

Longing for You Kdrama lead male actor real name?
Na In Woo (Oh Jin Seong) performed the lead role in Longing for You.

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