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Locked In Netflix 2023 Movie Cast Name, Age & Story

Locked In is a 2023 British Movie released on Netflix. The story revolves around a young married girl Lina and her after-wedding battle with her mother-in-law. The exciting script is written by Rowan Joffe. The movie is full of suspense, mystery, and thrill. Get more information on the 2023 Netflix Movie Locked In full cast real name, age, and photos.

Drama Details

Genres: Thriller, Mystery
United Kingdom
Channel: Netflix
Language: English
Duration: 1 hr 30 mints

Release Date

The 2023 movie Locked In will be released on Netflix on 1st November 2023.

Locked In Netflix 2023 Movie Cast

Rose Williams as Lina

Rose William is a talenetd English actress, she performed the role of Lina in Netflix Movie Locked In. She is 29 years old and known for her pretty looks and best acting skills. She is also part of the famous series “Sandition”.

Locked In Netflix Movie Cast

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Supporting Cast Name

Famke Janssen as Katherine
Guy Robbins as Paramedic
Luke Simon Roberts as Luke S Roberts
Sam Lockwood as Massage Therapist
Cain Aiden as Student
Robbin Min as Congregation
Anna Friel
Finn Cole
Alex Hassell

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