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Lee Si Won Husband, Patents, Family, The Devil’s Plan

Lee Si Won is a Korean actress and inventor. Lee Si Won is a contestant in the Korean show The Devil’s Plan. She has appeared in many Kdramas and movies. She is an intelligent and gorgeous actress who also has many patents under her name. Let’s dig in to know about Lee Si Won biography, age, husband, parents, family background, and The Devil’s Pla details.

Lee Si Won Biography/Wiki


Actress Lee Si Won is 36 years old. Her date of birth is 29 August 1987. Her height is 5 feet and 6 inches.

Lee Si Won husband patents the devils plan


Lee Si Won studied Business Administration at Seoul National University. She also has Masters degree in evolutionary Psychology.


In an interview, Lee Si Won revealed that her father was the former president of MENSA Korea, a high-IQ Society. His father had aimed to invent ten useful things. She also helped her father with his inventions.

Lee Si Won Husband

Actress Lee Si Woo got married in 2021. Her husband is a doctor.

Lee Si Won Patents

Lee Si Won has 10 Patents under her name till now. She started inventions at the age of four with her father.

Lee Si Won husband patents the devils plan

The Devil’s Plan

Lee Si Won participated in the 2023 Korean reality TV show The Devil’s Plan. She is one the most intelligent and smart participants of the show.

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Movies and TV Shows

Actress Lee Si Won has appeared in many Korean movies and dramas in supporting as well as in the main lead role. Dream of the Emperor was the debut drama series of Lee Si Won in 2012.

Here is the list of Lee Si Won dramas and shows:

All About My Mom
A Beautiful Mind
Tell Me What You Saw
The Devil’s Plan

Social Media Handle

Le Si-Won Instagram: seethewon

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