Lahore Sehri & Iftar Time 2021 Fiqa Jafria (Shia) – Ramadan Calender

Ramadan is one of the most awaited Islamic months all over the world. Ramadan 2021 is started in Pakistan on 14th April 2021. Pakistanis are always very excited about fasting and offering special prayers in the holy month of Ramazan. Finding the accurate Ramadan Sheri and Iftar Calendar is not an easy task. Here, we have shared the Lahore Sehri and Iftar time 2021 for Fiqa Jafria (Shia). Let’s have a look and follow the right timings of Ramazan Sehr o Iftar.

Lahore Sehri & Iftar Time 2021 Fiqa Jafria

Ramadan 2021DateSehri TimeIftar Time
114 April 20214:00 am6:42 pm
215 April 20213:59 am6:42 pm
316 April 20213:57 am6:43 pm
417 April 20213:56 am6:44 pm
518 April 2021 3:55 am6:44 pm
619 April 20213:53 am6:45 pm
720 April 20213:52 am6:46 pm
821 April 20213:51 am6:46 pm
922 April 20213:49 am6:47 pm
1023 April 20213:48 am6:48 pm
1124 April 20213:47 am6:48 pm
1225 April 20213:45 am6:49 pm
1326 April 20213:44 am6:50 pm
1427 April 20213:43 am6:51 pm
1528 April 20213:41 am6:51 pm
1629 April 20213:40 am6:52 pm
1730 April 20213:39 am6:53 pm
181 May 20213:38 am6:53 pm
192 May 20213:37 am6:54 pm
203 May 20213:35 am6:55 pm
214 May 20213:34 am6:55 pm
225 May 20213:33 am6:56 pm
236 May 20213:32 am6:57 pm
247 May 20213:31 am6:58 pm
258 May 20213:30 am6:58 pm
269 May 20213:29 am6:59 pm
2710 May 20213:28 am7:00 pm
2811 May 20213:26 am7:00 pm
2912 May 20213:25 am7:01 pm
3013 May 20213:24 am7:02 pm

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Follow the above Ramazan 2021 calendar for Fiqa Jafira (Shia) and arrange special prayers with your family and friends. Make this month more excited by following the teaching of Islam. Ramadan gives Muslims the best opportunity for collecting the blessings of Allah. This month teaches us to understand the problems of poor people and never lose hope for the best time.

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