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Kasa-e-Dil Drama Cast name & Complete Information

Kasa-e-Dil is a romantic family drama aired on Geo TV. Drama’s story and the cast are outstanding and make this serial one of the hit drama of Geo TV. In 2020. Geo TV produced the best dramas for its viewers with heart touching stories and OST. Kasa-e-Dil was written by Jehanzib Qamar and directed by Kashif Saleem. Let’s have a look at Kasa-e-Dil drama full cast name and their biodata.

Kasa e dil drama cast name

Kasa-e-Dil Drama Cast name

Kasa-e-Dil Drama cast consist of:

Affan Waheed      (Aden)
Komal Aziz      (Sherien)
Hina Altaf     (Somia)
Sukynah Khan   (Raheela)
Ali Ansari
Haris Waheed
Maryam Noor
Shabbir Jan
Zainab Qayoom

Affan Waheed

Affan Waheed is known for his acting in romantic dramas. He has a charming personality and incredible acting skills. Affan Waheed is performing the lead role of Aden in Kasa e Dil, a handsome and loving boy. He pairs up with Komal Aziz and viewers appreciate their on-screen couple. Affan Waheed started to perform in drama in 2006 and got more popularity from his lead role in drama “Aik Pal”.

Kasa e dil drama cast name

Hina Altaf

Hina Altaf is performing the lead role of Somia, a beautiful girl who falls in love with Aden (Affan Waheed). She faces many problems in her life but always shows courage. Hina Altaf is a young and talented actress and model. She is a hard-working girl and very passionate about her acting career.

Komal Aziz

Komal Aziz is performing the lead role of Sherien, wife of Aden (Affan Waheed). Her acting is outstanding in this serial. She is looking beautiful with Affan Waheed. Komal Aziz is known for her attractive personality and amazing acting skills. Kasa e Dil is one of her best drama serials aired on Geo TV.

Ali Ansari

Ali Ansari is a young actor, model, and musician. He is performing the supporting role in Kasa-e-Dil. His recent dramas are “Gustakh” and “Dikhawa”. He is also performing in the horrible drama serial “Chalawa” with Noor Zafar Khan. He is a multi-talented man with the best acting and singing skills.

Sukynah Khan  

Sukynah Khan is also performing the supporting role in Kasa-e-Dil. She got popularity from her role of Shazia in the drama serial “Mahboob Ap k Qadmoow Mein” with Saad Qureshi and Zubab Rana. She is a brilliant actress and pretty looks.

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