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Kala Moti Turkish Drama Cast Real Name – Black Pearl

Kala Moti is Urdu/Hindi dubbed Turkish romantic drama series. ‘Pyar Lafzon Main Kahan’ famed actress Hande Ercel has played the lead role in the drama. Let’s have a look at the Urdu Dubbed Turkish Drama Kala Moti cast real name, story, and other details.

Kala Moti Turkish Drama Cast Real Name

Here is the Turkish drama Kala Moti complete cast real name:

Hande Ercel   (Hazal)
Berk Hakman    (Vural)
Tolgahan Sayisman   (Kenan)
Melis Sezan    (Abroo)
Selin Isik    (Irmak)
Mehmet Feim Mehmedof    (Sinan)
Yesmin Buber    (Melek)
Burak Cimen   (Kafes)
Ipek Bagriacik   (Defne)
Hakan Celiker    (Gencer)
Pelin Acar   (Nevra)
Cansu Dogan   (Zuhal)
Cagla Demir    (Ece)
Burak Atlay   (Ahmet)

Turkish Name

The Turkish name of drama Kala Moti is Siyah Inci.


Drama Serial Kala Moti is written by Basak Angigun, Alphan Dikmen and Duygu Tankas.


Turkish Drama Kala Moti is directed by Cem Karci.

Kala Moti Turkish Drama Story

The story of Turkish drama Kala Moti revolves around the girl Hazal (Hande Ercel). Hazal loves Kenan (Tolgahan Sayisman)who is fisherman. Hazal’s stepfather is against their marriage but her mother supports her. Hazal and Kenan get engaged and start their wedding preparations.

kala moti turkish drama cast name

Vural a psycho man who has killed her wife accidentally and can’t forget that incident. Due to Vural, the life of Kenan and Hazal changes forever. Vural finds Hazal quite similar to her wife and wants to get her at any cost. Vural blackmails Hazal and threatens her regarding her family and Kenan.

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kala moti turkish drama cast real name

Vural wants Hazal to marry him. For the sake of her family and Kenan’s life, Hazal leaves Kenan and agrees to marry Vural. Kenan is in deep shock due to the sudden refusal of Hazal and she does not tell him anything. Vural is happy to have Hazal with her but Hazal is very upset and sad. Let’s see how Hazal would deal with Vural and what would Kenan do after Hazal’s refusal.     

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