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Kal Aj or Kal is the upcoming Drama. In 2020, Pakistan drama industry produced many super hit dramas like Mushk, Prem Gali, and Sabaat and wed series like Churails, ManJogi, and Abdullah Pur ka Devdas. Kal Aj or Kal pairs up famous actress Navin Waqar with talented Syed Jibran. Syed Jibran got more popularity for his outstanding acting in “Dilruba” and “Ranjha Ranjha Kerdi”. Kal Aj or Kal drama cast will make this serial more interesting for viewers.

kal aj or kal drama cast

Kal Aj or Kal Drama Cast

Syed Jibran
Navin Waqar (Faiza)


Kal Aj or Kal is written by talented Saima Latif.


Drama directed by Mohammad Ashar Asghar.

Kal Aj or Kal Drama Story

In Kal Aj or Kal, Navin Waqar and Syed Jibran pair up for drama. They will be got married and faced many problems in their married life. Navin Waqar is performing the role of Faiza, who is a very independent and self-sufficient girl. She will face many problems in her life after the wedding but she fights with all problems with courage. Fazia has trust issues and never likes to go to gatherings. Drama is full of emotions and excitement. This is a family drama.

Navin Waqar is known for her incredible acting and charming personality. She performed in many hit dramas. She is famous for performing a negative role in drama Hamsafar with Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan. Bewafa her recent drama with Ali Rehman Khan and Ushna Shah.  

kal aj or kal drama cast

Kal Aj or Kal Drama OST

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Kal Aj or Kal Drama Timings

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Kal Aj or Kal Drama Teasers

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