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Just Looking Like a Wow Girl Real Name & Biodata

The recent viral meme “Just Looking Like a Wow” has now become a trend on Instagram. You have listened many times on Instagram “So Beautiful, So Elegent Just Looking Like a Wow”. Everyone wants to know, who is behind this viral tagline. So let’s have a look at Just Looking Like a Wow Girl real name, age, and biodata.

Name & Age

The viral sentence “Just Looking Like a Wow” is from a livestream of a girl Jasmeen Kaur.

Jamseen Kaur Biodata

She is an Indian fashion designer and runs a boutique “Design Machine Suits in Fateh Nagar” in New Delhi, India. Now she has become an internet sensation due to her viral dialogue from a live stream during the promotion of her boutique’s dresses. She came into the limelight worldwide and her business also progressed due to her fame.

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