Joyland Movie Story – Pakistani Film Plot and Trailer

Joyland is a Pakistani movie based on the story of a boy falling in a love story with a transgender. It received awards at Cannes. Joyland was expected to release on 18th November in Pakistan but it got banned by the government due to its story ad plot.

Joyland Movie Story

The story of the movie Joyland revolves around a boy named Haider from Lahore. He belongs to a middle-class family in Lahore. Ali Junejo performed the role of Haider in the movie. Haider’s family is very conservative. His elder brothers are married and they are blessed with three daughters. His family wants them to have a baby boy.

joyland movie story plot theme

Haider is married to Mumtaz. He doesn’t have a job and but Mumtaz does. Haider lives at home and takes care of his brother’s kids. They are not blessed with kids yet.

Haider joins a nightclub dance theater and meets a transgender dancer Biba. He starts working as a background dancer with Biba. He lies about his job to his family. Haider tells them that he works as a theater manager.

joyland movie story plot theme

Haider starts working with Biba. Gradually, he falls in love with Biba. But this love for her is not accepted by his family and society. It brings a storm in his and Biba’s life. This news is totally unacceptable to his family.

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Movie Joyland has narrated the plot of not treating intersex people equally to men and women in society especially when it’s a matter of love and marriage. Joyland has been criticized by the public and politicians in Pakistan. That’s why it got banned. It seems like people have divided over this issue, some support it while others are firmly against it.

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