Jeeto Pakistan League 2023 Registration, Entry Tickets & Passes

Jeeto Pakistan League 2023 is Ramzan special transmission of ARY Digital. Jeeto Pakistan League 2023 registration, passes, tickets, and procedure details. JPL is one of the most-watched Ramazan show. Jeeto Pakistan is aired other than Ramadan but with a special twist, its Ramzan transmission becomes more interesting.

Jeeto Pakistan League 2023 Registration

You can register using different methods for JPL 2023. Below are the ways to register.


For JPL registration via SMS, send an SMS to 0337-0359527.

Send SMS in the proper format. JP (Space) yourname (space) city. For example JP Akram Lahore.

You’ll receive a confirmation message from the JPL support team with details of your registration.

Via Call

You can also register for Jeeto Pakistan League 2023 via call and get an entry pass. Call 111-279-111. The Jeeto Pakistan League support team will confirm your details and then you will receive your entry ticket for JPL.

Online Registration

You can also register via the official website of ARY Digital for JPL.

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Jeeto Pakistan League 2023 VIP Pass

You can get the VIP pass for Jeet Pakistan League 2023 through ARY Sahulat Bazaar. Below is the procedure to get VIP to pass for JPL 2023.

Like the Facebook page of ARY Sahulat Bazaar for Jeeto Pakistan League 2023 VIP Pass. Share the page with Friends and family on Facebook. Invite them to like the page.

Follow and Share the ARY Sahulat Bazaar page on your Facebook profile.
Here is the link to ARY Sahulat Bazaar Facebook Page: arysbpk

How to get Jeeto Pakistan League Entry Tickets & Passes

You can get the Jeeto Pakistan League entry ticket and Pass following the above mention ways via SMS, call, and online registration. You can get the pass for tomorrow’s transmission till the broadcast of today’s transmission.

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