Jeeto Pakistan League 2022 Registration, Entry Passes, Online Tickets

Jeeto Pakistan League 2022 is a famous Pakistani Ramadan sports reality show aired on ARY Digital. Viewers will see different teams playing indoor and outdoor games and win many prizes. This show was started in 2020 and this third season. Let’s have a look at Jeeto Pakistan League 2022 registration process, entry passes, online tickets, Segments, and timing details.

jeeto pakistan league 2022 captains

Jeeto Pakistan League 2022 Host

Jeeto Pakistan is hosted by famous and talented Pakistani actor and host Fahad Mustafa. You can get Jeeto Pakistan Fahad Mustafa show tickets easily by following the registration process.

Jeeto Pakistan League 2022 Registration Process

Get entry passes through SMS, Call
Call (021) 111 279 111
Send SMS on 0337-0359527 with Name, CNIC, Mobile #, City Name
Jeeto Pakistan League Team will contact the applicants

Jeeto Pakistan Rules and Regulation

Management selects the candidates
Management can cancel the Entrance Passes without notification
Right Data of Participants required
Candidates with Incomplete or wrong information will be disqualified

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Ary Digital Contact Number Jeeto Pakistan


How can I Participate in Jeeto Pakistan?
Call on 021111-279-111

How can I get Jeeto Pakistan Passes?
Get entry passes through SMS or Call

Who won the Jeeto Pakistan 2021?
Lahore Falcons won in Jeeto Pakistan 2021. Adnan Siddiqui was the Caption of Lahore Falcons in 2021.

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