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Jalan Drama Banned By PEMRA for Immoral Content

PEMRA is taking action against immoral content showed in Pakistani Dramas. A few days back, PEMRA had banned the re transition of dramas with content against social and religious norms. Famous dramas “Saday Pyaar Ke”, “Der si Jati Hai Sila” and “Ishqia” re-transmission banned by PEMRA. PTI Minister of parliamentary affairs raised voice against dramas with immoral content. PEMRA released a notice to channel Ary Digital and Jalan Drama banned due to content against our social and religious norms.

Jalan Drama Banned

Jalan drama banned

According to PEMRA officials, they were receiving many complaints against the Ary Digital Drama Serial Jalan. In our culture and religion relationships based on respect and care. Jalan Drama Story touches a sensitive topic. The story revolves around the life of two sisters Misha and Nisha, Nisha falls in love with her brother-in-law. Nisha is a selfish and mean girl, who doesn’t care about her family’s respect. The role of Nisha is performed by Minal Khan. Minal Khan is a famous actress and model but due to her character in drama Jalan, facing criticism by viewers.  

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